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 Eva grew up in a world where everything was about color, exploration, imagination, creativity and printing.

This is the graphic arts world, as inspired and aspired by her father. She holds a BA degree in Advertising & Marketing Communications from Bournemouth University (UK) and she earned an MSc degree with a merit award in E-Business from the University of Westminster (UK). Having worked in the field of traditional advertising and consulting on web-design and user experience, she then joined her family business DOT IMAGING, a creative digital printing bureau, where she specializes for more than a decade in design, print applications and project management. Her love about technological trends and new forms of communication recently lead her in studying Digital Marketing, as well as earning an OMCP certificate in Social Media. She is passionate about traveling, dancing, being close to nature and finding new ways of exploring, exercising and growing her body and soul. Activities like wind-surfing, sea-kayaking, winter-mountaineering, yoga and Reiki often challenge her own limits and give her a special feeling of freedom, strength, self-realization and balance. Those who decide to take the lead and step out of their comfort zone, inspire her. Supporting and volunteering for causes that care for our nature and give people in need a chance for survival or even growth, is a personal belief and inner need.

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